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Super Simple Recruitment

Thousands of human resource professionals and business owners have benefited from using Mynimo. Our features are focused on what matters most, helping you find awesome people to grow your company. We do this with a commitment to keeping features super simple.

Simple features that get the job done

We know that great people are the core of every great company. Our job is to send these people your way without adding to your workload. The highly intuitive features of our service help you become more productive, no more distractions from unnecessary bells and whistles.

Works for companies of all sizes

10 years of experience has enabled us to develop powerful solutions for the specialized demands of large companies, while maintaining budget friendly packages for small businesses that have been with us from the start.

Applicant Tracking System

Your job postings come with a dedicated applicant tracking system that's very easy to use. Job applications sent through our website are integrated automatically to save you time. Access your account anytime from the cloud so you never miss job applications from highly qualified applicants ever again.

Find people that live near your offices

Studies show that people who live close to their workplaces are generally happier and more productive. Our location filters help you find them. This way, you get more relevant results which can help lower the turnover rate of your company.

Adapting to the new workforce

We're constantly working to make your job postings reach candidates through any device. From desktops, to tablets and mobile phones, we make it convenient for applicants to reach you.

Your job postings never sleep

Your job postings are accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Receive job applications even when you're not at your desk.