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CellPrime Distribution Corp.

Field Sales Supervisor

CellPrime Distribution Corp.

Established in 2003 | 51-200 employees
2270 Mirax Building, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati, Metro Manila
Posted on : October 30, 2020
Job ID : 366549


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Job Purpose:
The Field Sales Supervisor is accountable for the profitable achievement of sales objectives associated with the assigned territory and sales team managed.  FSS is responsible for assigned team’s sales productivity, and directs their effort in order to have the greatest overall impact on company results.  The FSS manages all aspects of running an efficient sales team, including hiring, supervising, coaching, disciplining, monitoring of collections and accounts receivables, and motivating direct-report sales connections.
Goals and Objectives:
  • Hit the revenue goals
  • Be cost efficient
  • Manage working capital
Reporting Relationships: Includes the title of the position to which the incumbent reports, and also includes the titles of jobs reporting to it.
Title of Position To Whom This Job Reports
  • Operations Manager
These positions report to this job: DSPs
Duties and Responsibilities:
Lists the duties and responsibilities of the position written as simply, yet completely, as possible. Usually, agencies include the caveat that the list of duties is not meant to be exhaustive, to minimize challenges from employees who resist performing duties that are not listed
  • Manages a successful sales team and ensures that the team consistently meets or exceeds the daily sales performance metrics.
  • Reports to the Operations Manager and ASH regularly.
  • Creates the territory cut of the DSP as well as setting of the target.
  • Conduct a regular pre-take off meeting daily.
  • Ensures growth of business in the assigned territory.
  • Prioritizes coaching and performance management efforts and drive performance of the sales team.  
  • Consistently ensure a smooth operation and are conducted with integrity at all times while behavior aligns with company values.
  • Serves as the main point of contact for the DSP/TRS and address calls for most general issues – escalates to the OM as appropriate.
  • Proactively inspects sales activity and effort of the DSP/TRS to ensure the quality and quantity of his team meets company expectations.
  • Identify deficiencies in skills among the DSP/TRS and works to improve their capabilities through coaching, developing and training.
  • Monitor and manage collections and receivables of the total dsps.
  • Responsible for the implementation of new processes and procedures for effective and efficient team operations.
  • Remain knowledgeable of key processes, business initiatives in order to assist the sales team in accomplishing company goals.
  • Work closely with accounting group to address issues or concerns in collection and immediately take actions to avoid bigger problem.
  • Identify opportunities and weaknesses within territories and make proposals to create value and increase operational efficiency.
  • Ensure that his team has a complete sales tools and merchandising materials while on field.
  • Conduct a regular trade audit, dsp audit and work with.
  • Ensures that standard Globe procedures and company COC are being followed by the team.
  • Other duties may be assigned.
Key Technical Skills and Knowledge: Lists the important technical and professional skills and knowledge required to do the job well. This list may be an important source of information for the selection process and the professional development process
Knowledge and Personal Skills:
  • Territorial Distribution
  • Area Familiarization
  • Product Knowledge
  • Leading and supervising a team, open to direction and collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done 
  • Ability to look at situtaions from several point of view
  • Basic accounting
  • Evaluating people and their performances, without bias
  • Readily react to new trends, approaces, concepts, etc
Functional Skills:
  • Makes decisions about the operations, team members and supervise them in their work
  • Willing to try new approaches, ideas, procedures and programs
  • Faciliates team’s group and personal growth
Techinical Skills:
  • Microsoft Office tools
  • Negotiating with different companies, organizations for project executions
Key Success Factors: Although somewhat related to Duties and Responsibilities and Key Technical Skills and Knowledge, these are the few key factors that relate to success on the job. They are the brief descriptions of the key behaviors and abilities that are critical to achieving the position’s mission and goals.
  • To be able to provide a performance-oriented culture with both internal and external
  • To be able to manage collections and receivables
  • To be able to keep trusted DSPs, no kiting incidents.
  • To be able to foster teamwork and provide support to the team members
  • To be able to lead and supervise the team being handled
  • To be able to execute projects in a timely manner
  • To be able to submit reports and presentations in time
  • To be able to strategically gather information regarding the competition, market trends, positioning, potential customers and the like
  • To be able to evaluate DSPs and present results without any bias
  • To be able to convey integrity, accountabiliy and confidentility in all tasks and situations
  • To be able to have a deep understadning of the nature of the business, how it operates and best practices that need to be followed to create more opportunities
  • To be able to convey flexibility in all tasks and situations presented to him
Performance Measures: Lists the measures by which the position incumbents are held accountable, and are indicators of how well the job is being performed. In very general terms, these are how the goals and objectives of the position can be measured
  • 100% achievement vs target sellin in amax, sim and tattoo sticks
  • 100% achievement vs target sellout in amax
  • 100% achievement vs target sim and tattoo activation
  • 100% achievement vs target transacting retailers and dgsb
  • 100% achievement vs target dso and sim ubo
Cost Efficiency
  • Average sales per DSP in Amax should not be lower than 1M.
  • Efficient DSP coverage – frequency of calls.
  • Standard pricing of sims and tattoo sticks should be followed.
  • Maximum iload should be 50% of the total business.
  • Bload should be maintained up to 40% of the total business.
  • Actual headcount vs required.
Working Capital Management
  • Past due/debts should be less than 3 days.
  • 7 days consignment maximum
  • Zero case of anomalies within the team
  • Timely submission and presentation of WOR and MOR.
  • Result oriented reporting; accurate numbers and qualitative data all the time.
  • On time submission of expense reports – no return and errors.
  • On time submission of other required reports.
Compliance to the policies and procedures of the company as well as Globe standards
  • Adherence to all company rules and policies – clean record
  • Adherence to all Globe rules and policies
Career Pathways: The classifications that might be next career opportunities for employees in this classification.
  • Operations Manager

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