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Quality Inspector (QI)

Helon International Trading Corp.

With business certificates
Established in 2015 | 51-200 employees
Door 8, 2/F SJRDC, Insular Village, Phase 1, Lanang, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Total vacancies for this job title : 4
Posted on : November 23, 2020
Job ID : 369352


Is currently looking for:
Department: Quality Department
Superior: QI Head,
Duties in BriefQI primarily receives and also implements the standard QI operation of the company; he/she monitors the usage of packaging materials and make persistent follows-up on its retrieval; He/she reports any packing problems to immediate superior, and will receive instructions from superiors. He/she is proactive in implementing what was instructed immediately.
Receives packing plan, implements QI operation job.
  • Make sure your smartphone are always ready to receive text, calls and even emails each day. Once you received the operation plan from QI Head, you need to give confirmation by text, or call immediately. Follow the arrangement of the QI Head and you are expected to go to assigned workplaces early. If you can’t report, you must provide a valid and actual reason with explanation to QI Head, particularly when you know that you can’t work the following day, before the QI Head includes you in any deployment plan. If you violate this, you are counted as absent with corresponding record with the Human Resources(HR) unit already.
  • Strictly no tardiness/late please. You must be there in the packinghouse/farm before any packing takes place. Being early is important since you must check materials and  the facilities are in good status and ready for packing. You have to remind with packing crew team nicely the standard speculations and rules. Remember to stay friendly but maintaining the strictness with them.
  • It is expected of you to initiate packing once all is fine and ready, and control the quality by taking sampling and pictures thereof. Conduct sampling every prescribed hour, and correct the problems and defects immediately. If the packinghouse won’t cooperate, report it to the  QI Monitoring and QI Head immediately. 
  • If the problem is out of your control (including the company simulation thing) and you failed to report it, you will then be subjected to the company rules for your negligence, and other grave faults for that matter. 
  • When the packing is finished, make sure you count the boxes well, confirm it with the packinghouse in-charge and prepare the standard Delivery Receipt(DR). Make sure their in-charge will sign for acknowledgement and proper recording also. Follow-up the trucks for loading, if needed.
  • You have to continue following-up the quality matters with the farm officers/Packinghouse In-charge. If Container Yard(CY) sampling team reported that there are failed quality on your area of responsibility/monitoring(AoR), you need to  implement/review instruction(s) from superior, reprocessing immediately and make a handwritten report thereafter.
Monitor the usage of materials; coordinate with the retrievals
  • The first thing that a QI do when arriving in packing house is to do the actual counting on the beginning balance and delivery of materials. The QI makes a good record also. 
  • QI monitors the usage of materials according to the rules while packing; record  well the damaged/defected materials from the good ones, and request the packinghouse to file them properly, and record the transferred materials accordingly. 
  • After packing, QI counts again the inventory for its ending balance. All of today’s material counting data/info shall be written properly and correctly in the DR, and get the signature of the packing house in-charge for acknowledgement also. 
  • During the last pack of the day, QI counts and records the retrieved materials, and assist the truck to retrieve together with the production monitoring team of the day. QI needs to get the truck’s details (plate number, name and signature) and confirmation thereafter.
  • Managing materials is one the  necessary monitoring duties of QI. If QI failed to complete and make accurate data record, it is considered as fault and negligence on his work, which will be subject to company policies and rules.
Accomplish other duties arranged from superior
  • You might be temporarily assigned in works far from your home base but with necessary gasoline, room accommodation allowances shall be coordinated in advance; Every QI is expected to be given monitoring or coordinating assignments also.
  • QI is expected to coordinate with other department(s) for necessary works.
Authority: A QI is encouraged  to report any problem to his/her immediate superior. 
Closely related depts.: Operations, CY Loading, Trucking/Logistics, Warehouse, HR,

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