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Job Hiring in Leyte

The resource-rich province of Leyte is a contender in the fields of agriculture, fishery, energy production, and mining. But many more job prospects in emergent commercial industries are opening up here, too! Find the best new career options in the province Leyte through jobseeker’s portal Mynimo!
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Sales Supervisor
PHP 25,000 - 32,000 per month
 Union Galvasteel Corporation
Union Galvasteel Corporation  
Field Work, Leyte
Established in 1968
51-200 employees
2 weeks ago
Leyte Province, north of the now-independent Southern Leyte, is the site of the oldest city-state in the Eastern Visayas region. Other points of significance in Leyte’s history are that it was part of the collective first named as “Las Islas Felipinas” by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos, and that it is the location of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in modern times. Since the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, Leyteños have worked hard to re-establish the peace, progress, and livelihood that the community deserves. Mynimo helps jobseekers in Leyte and in other parts of the Philippines match their career goals with what recruiters demand. Those looking to work in Leyte, in neighboring cities or municipalities, or even for a foreign company on remote basis can skim through the vacancies on Mynimo. Job prospects may include work in Leyte’s primary industries of farming, fishery, manufacturing, or mining, but may also encompass up-and-coming career options in IT, finance, transport, office administration, tourism, and business process outsourcing (BPO). Regardless, it will be easy to look for jobs on demand with Mynimo’s job search network! Narrowing down your job options on Mynimo is an easy task. Just click on what you’re interested in in terms of job designation or location of work. Respond to the ads that you like best by clicking on them, making a new resume on Mynimo’s resume maker, or sending your existing resume and a cover letter through the Quick Apply form. Then, all you will need to do is to wait for the recruiter’s answer. Improve your livelihood, as well as that of others in your home province of Leyte, by securing a great new job at Mynimo!