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The area upon which Maguindanao’s 4,871.60 square kilometers lies has been a thriving trading hub for hundreds of years, even before the arrival of Islam to the region. Today, the modern-day province has lost none of that vibrancy, with thousands of job opportunities available. Mynimo connects you with the jobs that match your skills in the places closest to you, including in Maguindanao.
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Sales Supervisor
 Regent Foods Corporation (CDO)
Regent Foods Corporation (CDO) 
Cotabato City, Maguindanao
Established in 2006
201-500 employees
11 hours ago
While the area is no stranger to conflict, Maguindanao nevertheless has a wide variety of economic activity. With 36 municipalities and Cotabato City within its borders, the province has an impressive economy with extensive diversification and enormous potential. The economy is chiefly agricultural, with fishing, and crafts also figuring in the local economy. Cotabato City itself is a thriving large city with a BPO industry. The area notably has significant fertile upland areas that are perfect for growing a wide variety of crops that would not normally do well in the lowlands. Some of these crops include bananas, durian, mangoes, guavas, and virtually all types of vegetables. This diversity of agriculture has even drawn comparisons to Baguio’s more famous agriculture industry. Commercial fishing and aquaculture also provide significant employment opportunities and is a major source of food for the entire region. The location of Maguindanao along the coast also offers numerous employment opportunities in transportation, tourism, and more. Highly-skilled traditional crafts including brassworks are also present in the province and the products of this industry are highly-prized all over the country. Ornate brass boxes, gongs, jewelry, and other decorations and ornaments from the province often fetch high prices and can be found in private collections all over the world. Explore Mynimo to learn more about the fascinating Maguindanao job market and find listings in the province that are especially suited to your own skills and experience.