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Caloocan is considered as one of the most highly urbanized cities in the greater Metro Manila area. With it being surrounded by other urbanized cities such as Quezon City, Malabon, Valenzuela and Marikina, you may find yourself having to compete with a hefty amount of eligible applicants for whatever job position you’re striving for. Lucky for you, Mynimo is here to help, with an easy and convenient way to search for your desired job in the Caloocan area. Check out our comprehensive listings below to score that job before your competition does.
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 Ajanta Pharma Philippines,Inc.
Ajanta Pharma Philippines,Inc. 
San Antonio, Makati, Metro Manila
Established in 2008
201-500 employees
1 week ago
Liaison Assistant
 Crew Asia
Crew Asia 
San Isidro, Makati, Metro Manila
Established in 1992
11-50 employees
2 weeks ago
Behind the highly urbanized lifestyle of Caloocan is a rich and fascinating history. For one, it is known for once being the center of activities for the Katipunan, the revolutionary militant group that would launch a massive revolution against the Spanish occupational forces. Some of the heaviest fighting in the Philippine-American War also took place in the city, with two separate instances becoming significant enough that they are cited in history books as the Battle of Caloocan and the Second Battle of Caloocan. In spite of this obviously bloody past, the city has long since evolved into a very prosperous city within Luzon, with its own share of shopping malls, residences, suburban areas, and more. Today, it is home to 1,583,978 people, making it the fourth largest city in the Philippines in terms of population. With its bustling economy based around its cadre of shopping malls, banks, supermarkets, groceries, boutiques, and other commercial establishments, most of the job opportunities in Caloocan have to do with sales, banking, and marketing. However, there are also jobs that have to do with building maintenance and upkeep, such as plumbing, pollution control, AV repair technicians, civil engineering, and others. With a steady demand for such occupations, those with the necessary skills and qualifications will find it easy to find work in Caloocan. Here at Mynimo, we believe in connecting qualified individuals to their desired job openings in the fastest, easiest, and least complicated way possible. No matter if the position you’re looking for is from the white collar or blue collar variety, our website is specifically designed to direct you to the most relevant job openings in your chosen location with the least amount of steps required. Browse all you want from our job listings and get that steady, gainful employment that you deserve.