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Known as one of the most densely populated cities in Metro Manila, Malabon City may just be the site of your next great career prospect. Secure a job in one of Malabon City’s key industries with Mynimo, where a quick localized search will yield you the results you need!
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Electrician / Technician
Fil-Chin Engineering Group of Companies
Fil-Chin Engineering Group of Companies
Bgy. 22 , Caloocan, Metro Manila
Established in 1994
51-200 employees
4 weeks ago
Malabon City—part of the northern Metro Manila city collective informally known as CAMANAVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela)—is a first-class highly urbanized city with a population of more than 360,000. It was founded more than 400 years ago by Spanish Augustinian friars and was a municipality under the Province of Rizal until 1975, whereupon it was absorbed under the National Capital Region. It earned its cityhood as recently as 2001. Malabon’s industrial sector is just as lively as its residential sector. Currently, the city is known for manufacturing sugar products, patis and other fish byproducts, candles, and the essence of ilang-ilang flowers for perfume. It has also seen resurgence in its tourism enterprise, with the Malabon City Tourism Office backing tricycle tours to historic sites such as Bartolome Church. Adding extra charm to the city’s dealings are a multitude of restaurants, small stores, well-known retail establishments, and even a zoo in the form of the Malabon Zoo and Aquarium in Potrero. If work in the city of Malabon appeals to you, then Mynimo’s search engine for job listings should be your stepping stone. For work in the manufacturing, retail, culinary, healthcare, or tourism sectors, Mynimo will have quality options open to you. Jumpstart your career as an engineer, draftsman, or factory worker at one of Malabon’s flagship companies; a driver or office assistant; or a nurse or program officer in one of the city’s public institutions. Applying is as simple as clicking the listing you want, making a new resume or uploading your current one, and sending a quick cover letter to your potential employer through Mynimo’s Quick Apply method. Through Mynimo, your career in Malabon City is this close to taking off!