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Job Hiring in Misamis Occidental

One of the smallest provinces in the Philippines, Misamis Occidental nonetheless offers a thriving job market largely based around fishing, coconut farming, and rice production. Coconuts, in particular, are a diverse source of jobs as they are also processed into several different commercial and industrial products, right in the province itself. Check out Mynimo for job listings in Misamis Occidental that match your own skill sets.
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Outside Misamis Occidental
Cebu City
Established in 1989
5001-10,000 employees
1 month ago
Misamis Occidental is located in Northern Mindanao and is bound by Panguil Bay to the south and Iligan Bay to the east.This gives it access to significant fishing resources, which are a source of income for many in the province. Its capital Oroquieta is a small city with many of the features typical of Philippine cities today, including a small BPO industry. However, coconuts are still central to the economies of all the component towns and cities of the province. Even the name Misamis itself is likely derived from the word “Kuyamis”, which is a variety of coconut cultivated by the native Subanen. Coconuts farming and processing are major industries, which are also seeing growth due to increased international demand for all types of coconut products. Coconut oil, soap, coir for rope and fabrics, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and even coconut water are now major exports for both local and international markets. Like neighboring provinces, Misamis Occidental also grows rice and corn as staples, as well as cash crops such as abaca, coffee, cacao, and rubber, which are themselves growth industries as well. Other important industries in the province include forest products such as bamboo, rattan, and timber. The coconut industry also supplies a significant amount of coco lumber as well. The province also has a number of agricultural equipment manufacturers based in it. Mynimo gives you access to the diverse Misamis Occidental job market, making it easy to find jobs matching your own experience.