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Job Hiring in Surigao Del Norte

Surigao del Norte is the second northernmost province of Mindanao, serving as a major entry point for people, goods, and vehicles coming in from the Visayas. Daily ferry services cross between Liloan in Southern Leyte and Surigao City, as well as other major ports in the country. As a transportation hub,the city is home to a diverse population as well as numerous job opportunities. Check out Mynimo for the most relevant job listings in Surigao del Norte and anywhere else in the Philippines.
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Helpmate Services Inc
Helpmate Services Inc
Field Work, Surigao del Norte
Established in 1966
1001-5000 employees
5 days ago
Surigao del Norte’s economy was, just a generation ago, one of the poorest in the country. Today, it is now one of the fastest growing, thanks to improvements in its aquaculture and agriculture sectors. In recent years, it has also become a major tourist destination thanks to its incredible beaches and the world-class surfing experience. Siargao and Bucas Grande, the two major islands of the province, have seen rapid growth in their tourism incomes, thanks in large part to better recognition of the natural beauty of the area.The beaches, mangrove swamps, and corals were given major exposure on social media and international publications, making them a popular destination for backpackers from all over the world. The part of Surigao del Norte that is directly on Mindanao island itself has also seen growth in its agriculture and services sectors, generating jobs and income for people throughout the region. All this activity has also led to a bump in the growth of the construction and telecommunications sectors, and it’s likely this will continue well into the foreseeable future. Mynimo is your best resource for finding jobs in all these industries in Surigao del Norte. Whether you plan to work in the emerging tourism industry, or in the many growing businesses in the service sectors of the province, Mynimo is your best bet for finding the jobs you want the most, where you are in the country.