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Job Hiring in Zamboanga Del Sur

When including the highly-urbanized city of Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur features a heavily diversified economy and a large population of over a million. The general economic growth of the country has likewise been great for Zamboanga del Sur, which has experienced significant growth in the past decade. Check out Mynimo for the best job listings in and around Zamboanga del Sur.
Junior Van Salesman
Virginia Food, Inc.
Virginia Food, Inc.
Field Work, Zamboanga del Sur
Established in 1959
501-1000 employees
17 hours ago
Service Technician
 Security and Systems Monitoring, Inc.
Security and Systems Monitoring, Inc. 
Field Work, Zamboanga del Sur
Established in 1996
51-200 employees
1 day ago
Account Executive
Philippine Duplicators, Inc.
Philippine Duplicators, Inc.
Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur
Moret Airport
Established in 1962
51-200 employees
3 days ago
Sales Agent
 YSU Marketing Corporation
YSU Marketing Corporation 
Field Work, Zamboanga del Sur
Established in 1995
201-500 employees
2 weeks ago
Zamboanga del Sur’s economy leans heavily on agriculture, though it has diversified significantly in the past generation.Coconuts continue to be a major crop, and the processing of coconuts into various different products is likewise still a large contributor to jobs and the economy. Milling is another major industry, with corn, rice, and other grains being transported to Zamboanga del Sur from neighboring provinces for processing. Native handicrafts and housewares are also a major industry in the area, with handmade furniture being a source of jobs and income in the area. This is possible thanks to the area’s significant forestry resources, with abundant bamboo, buri, and rattan. The manufacture of construction materials is also big business in Zamboanga del Sur. Lumber, marble, concrete, and other materials are harvested, mined and processed in the province. A number of mining operations also operate throughout the province. Zamboanga City is a hub for all types of services in the province and is also a major retail center in the area. It is also the site of a large free economic zone, which is the only one of its kind in Mindanao. This zone hosts a number of foreign businesses, involved in a variety of diverse ventures including specialty food preparation, biotechnology, BPOs, as well as state-of-the-art port facilities for serving the international market. Of course, jobs in all these industries can be found right here on Mynimo. Mynimo gives you the best localized job listings, wherever you are in the country.