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Skilled Work / Technical Job Hiring in Manila

Skilled labor is extremely important for a wide range of businesses. Real estate, manufacturing, logistics, services, and other key industries all rely on skilled workers to perform a variety of jobs. Drivers, plumbers, electricians, maintenance personnel, and other important skilled workers are what allow any organization to function at a professional level. Explore Mynimo to find the best paying skilled work and technical jobs in Metro Manila.
Heavy Equipment Operator
 Cardrian Builders Co.
Cardrian Builders Co. 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Unit 506 & 508 Webjet Acropolis Bldg. E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave., Libis
51-200 employees
2 days ago
With so many large businesses, nonprofits, and other types of organizations in Manila, it’s sometimes easy to forget that all of these businesses rely on the same kinds of people, regardless of what they do. These businesses require the services of electricians, plumbers, drivers, and other skilled workers, regardless of their industry or the type of people they serve.  Even smaller businesses are unable to function without the services of these key workers. The recent pandemic has even shown that even when other types of work shut down, the jobs of skilled workers remains vital to the day-to-day running of any business. Hiring for skilled workers in Metro Manila continued despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Technical jobs are also in-demand in a wide variety of specialized industries, including shipping, logistics, mining, and so much more.